Sunday, April 26, 2009

Frontiers still exist

With all the euro-disco videos I've watched, I hadn't seen this special treat. It's so dope cuz it features a lot of original (i think) animation with a really rad space fantasy theme. I kinda make it my business to see as much old fantasy related animation as possible, so it's really fucking awesome when you come upon something you hadn't even heard of. Although, the cartoon version of the two dudes is not that great, but luckily the song is great, and I'm pretty into the real life version of La Bionda.

Anybody got the rekkid?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

WLVI till the day I die!

I love the high drama of the sci-fi dental PSA.

Ralston/Purina Cereals Part IV

Okay, now for Batman Cereal. Batman cereal is right up there with Ghostbusters and TMNT (review forthcoming) as an all time favorite in cerealdom. Oddly, it was nothing too special; no marshmallows, no variety of flavors, no double bagging, but instead was simple perfection. Little corn Batman logos with a Cap'n Crunch flavor, but not as intense, and without the mouth shredder texture of said Cap'n. The only way I can really convey the tastiness of this breakfast treat is that it is some kind of zenith in the science of cereal creation. Only food scientists could come up with something this good. You may recall that Donkey Kong cereal had a similar vibe, but there's just somethin' about this one. And it came with a giant Batman "piggy" bank shrinkwrapped to it.

There was also a Gremlin's Cereal made by R/S that I unfortunately never got to try, but it looks very much the same as Batman.

Was that Beans Baxter with the mogwai ears on?

Monday, April 13, 2009

R.I.P. Marilyn Chambers 1952-2009

One of the top 5 porn actresses ever.
One of the top reasons I got into classic era porn in the first place.
Star of Rabid, one of Cronenberg's early classics.
She was the girl on the cover of the Ivory Soap box.
Star of a lot of silly softcore t&a stuff, that was pretty bad, but I watched anyhow.
Marilyn, I hope you are cool with the fact that I jerked off to you so much through the years.
I imagine you on an Ivory Snow Cloud in heaven, happy, in some endless insatiable orgy where you are queen.
Or maybe you're just chillin up there.
I hope yer at peace, sex goddess...