Thursday, January 20, 2011

And that's where I picked up...

Jan 15th 2001
Insignifigent dreams.
George went away.
I am not satisfied.
Explosions are important to me.
I need to grind.
I've been a good boy
too good.

Jan 16th 2001
Trying to minimize hatred in traffic...
what hate people when I can just igore it
hate and hypocrite

Jan 17th 2001
Money problems are ridiculous
so are completist issues
Fucking, get off it, Dan!

Jan 18th 2001
A smell like musty nothing
else kept creeping in

Jan 19th 2001
I wanted to watch cartoons forever today.
sometimes it's all I need.

Jan 20th
I ran for the orange line
It wasn't there yet
there were some chicken bones strewn about
train came soon enough
it smells really awful in here
like vinegar.

Old entries found journal

Fri Jan 4th 1946
Dear Diary I did four test in school. I wonder if I got a hundred in each one.

Sat Jan 5th 1946
Dear Diary I helped my mother change the place around today. I hope I did good.

Sun Jan 6th 1946
Dear Diary I miss two masses this morning so I went to the eleven o'clock.

Mon Jan 7th
Dear Diary I got a bike today and it is a good bike. I have a basket on it.

Tuesday Jan 8th
Dear Diary I did mouthing today and I thing I am a awful bad boy.

Wed Jan 9th
Dear Diary I did a lot of work today. I hope you like it.

Thurs Jan 10th
Dare Diary I painted my bike today blue a orange.

Fri Jan 11th
Dear Diary I painted my bike bike again today and the color of it was red.

Sat Jan 12th
Dear Deary I was a bad boy and I got a licken it hurted me.

Sun Jan 13th
Dear Diary I was a bad boy today.

Mon Jan 14th
Dear Diary

[final entry]

Monday, January 3, 2011

Anthro Rex Discography

After all these years I wrote out a discography....
damn that's a lot of tape.
I thought I had it all and George says "Hey, did you remember that double C90 you did?"

Anthropophagous Rex Discography
The First Two Albums C-60 BWR
"King of Avarice" on "Show and Tell Vol 2" comp on BWR
3way split live cdr with Bengeorge7 and Landmines Across America
I Like Fun/I am Particled Density CDR on BWR
Contra 4: The Discs of Hollywood 2xC-90
The Erotic Rites of Anthropophagous Rex CDR on BWR
Gothsluts, Jeep Beats and Jeff Foxworthy CDR on BWR
For the Girls C-60
"under the veil of wilderness" on Gilded Throne comp
HM/M/HM C-30
(as DJ Cashman) Mad Monster Maze C-?
Wart Life (live) C-?
Goth Booty Vol 2 C-30
"Gimme Some Cocaine" on comp
Cruisin for Alchemy C-60
(as DJ Cashman) Duo Dimension split with Snackattack
split C-20 with Syn-Toffs on Shorty
Justified and Ancient all covers tape C-30
HM (partial reissue) CDR
Nice Buns/Awesome Graphics C-46 on Ormlycka
(as DJ Cashman) Duo Dimension Dos split CDR with Snackattack
60 minutes of solid gold c-60
Don't Mess Me Up CDR

Entries from found diary.

Jan 3rd 1946
Dear Diary I cleaned house for my mother. I hope I was doing well.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Entries from found diary.

January 1st 1946
Dear Diary I was going to fix my runner on my sled but I didn't.
I wonder what caused me to forget.