Friday, October 31, 2008

Brown Leaf Vertigo, where skeletal life is known

Today it is halloween. Been tending to the trick or treaters that have come up our way. Only real stand out costume was a gypsy girl who gave out fortunes, including one "You will have a cat with five paws for a pet." And if you know Tasha Meow, you know that she has multipaw action. So the gypsy was on the ball.
I think I've finally figured out why I don't go in for halloween that much in my adult life...perhaps it used to be the old Dead Kennedys vibe of "why do you need a holiday to dress up and have fun and be weird," but now I feel distanced from it cuz it takes things that are close to my heart and waters it all down...a lot. Y'know, spookiness, horror, monsters all get turned into cutesy costumes and stickers and greeting cards. This time of year, for me, should be about taking those things and concentrating them into their purest and most powerful form. That's why around halloween I try to revisit all my favorite horror movies, because they are the ones that are actually terrifying. And they have all the more power with the windswept leaves and crisp air chilling our bones.
Another revisitation that is important to me round halloweentime is the recorded works of Samhain. You probably know that Samhain is Glenn's band that happened after the misfits and before Danzig. And of course, early Danzig is basically a direct continuation of Samhain, with Rick Rubin suggesting the change of name and "refining" of their sound. I have been in love with the pre-Danzig4 recorded works of Glenn from the moment I first heard the Misfits' "All hell breaks Loose" at the age of 13, but the Samhain era is my favorite. Every album is stirring to my tortured-goth-punk soul and the 3rd album, November Coming Fire is fucking absolutely perfect. It's my favorite Glenn related record ever, and it is the true embodiment of what I want halloween to be.
Here's some clips to put me in the mood:

Thursday, October 30, 2008

the next big thing

I'm feeling pretty sure that the next thing that is gonna hit the youth culture of today is the sweet sounds of sophisticated 80's groove. Kids is gonna drop this electro shit and get with some stepping and whet keyboards real soon. I'm quite happy about it, cuz i love the stuff, and I have a lot of the records already, so I won't have to worry about inflated rekkid prices (except in chicago, where the stuff never went away). But yeah, groove on some of these morsels and meet me at the basement next tuesday (I D.J. there, with a healthy dose of this sort of sparkling magic).

Start Here

This is the first entry. Let's see if I actually keep up with this. For my own wellbeing I kinda have to. Right now, I have nothing, so I will just say that I was down to 2 pairs of socks without holes or elasticity problems. I only wear stripy socks and they are hard to get cheap, but I get them occasionally in bulk from sock dealers on ebay. Now I have 24 pairs, and intend to cerimoniously trash all them holey socks when I get home from work tonight. This is a big deal cuz I rarely throw anything away. Normally I would save them for an art project. I am not going to do that, though an art show at hbml ( in January that i need to start thinking about. I'm really trying to capitalize my "I's." It's tough.
Here's a video of me(as Anthro Rex) performing in the basement on fair st.