Friday, March 6, 2009

Ralston/Purina Cereals Pt. III

Around 88-89 is where R/P really came into their own if you ask me. In addition to the fine bowl-fillers that I'm about to tell you about, Ghostbusters (my favorite of all mid-80s cereals) was still going strong. What a fine time to indulge in preservatives,sugar and corn.

Nintendo Cereal System fucking ruled for the most part. Employing the dual-bag set up from Nerds, we get both a fruity Super Mario and berryish Zelda cereal. I remember that meant a little less net weight, but I didn't fucking care; this was intellectual property synergy at it's finest. I recall watching that shitty saturday morning show, Captain N: the Game Master and eating me some Mario cereal and feeling like I was really being taken care of. The lame part of the cereal was that the box advertised tips and secrets on beating NES games. Seeing that Nintendo Power was only a monthly jolt, these little tid bits were quite exciting to me, but they were all the outdated well known stuff. Aww well...the cereal was pretty good. The commercial had maybe the catchiest jingle for a cereal ever...

Uh oh, I think I have to say that this is THE catchiest jingle for sugar-meal ever:

I don't a week goes by without me singing this song in my head. This cereal, the NCS and Dinersaurs all had the same kind of taste if I remember right...a kind of Trix-ish meets BerryBerry Kix thing. This is fine, but it isn't the awesome eating experience that I rememer most about these brands.
The only thing I can think of to say about Dinersaurs was that it had pretty oddball concept (Dinosaurs running diner) and that it figured prominently in a kindergarden schoolplay my sister was in. For whatever reason, the kids eating Dinersaurs were sent back in time and turned into dinosaurs...I'm surprised the teachers approved of it, but it was cute nonetheless.

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