Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sticker Fun!

Got these for dirt cheap from a nice lady at the Holyoke Flea Market. Got some cool doo-dads and toy from her as well. The thing I love most about the Tweety and Sylvester one is the amazing font choices for the "name" stickers. They are copywrited 1982 by WB, but as 1988 on the back by the Henry Gordy sticker company.

If you don't know, Turbo is a 3/4 perspective car racing arcade game from Sega. It's not that great, in fact, I like these stickers way more than the game. Sleek! Chrashin'! Icy! Hit it!

The TMNT stickers aren't anything special, but I do love this more Eastman/Laird style of merchandising. Not cuted up at all! and plus, they stick on anything.

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