Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween a day late!

gonna try and list all my Halloween Costumes through the years...
My first Halloween, I was a clown, but thankfully with very minimal make-up...just some red on the cheeks...vinyl "clown" costume shirt.
I might be missing a few here, but next I was a ghost (inspired by, but not actually Casper). My mom made if for me, and I wanted a hood so I could have occasional relief. Dangerously close to a Klansman. But still passably a ghost.
Next up was a home-made E.T. costume. Thanks mom! I may have used it two years in a row.
In first grade I was Admiral Ackbar. Store-bought Ben Cooper plastic mask/vinyl shirt variety. We paraded around for the 2nd graders and one really liked the costume, and I felt pretty cool.
2nd or 3rd grade I was a heavy-metal rock star with a Judas Priest "Screaming for Vengeance" shit, a poster-board electric guitar, headband, and plastic green chains that I thought were really cool.
4th grade I was a depressed little shit and didn't have a costume.
5th grade was the first of two years where I was "victim" to my friend's Jason.
Years pass with no costumes.
Freshman year of college I was Thurston from the "Bull in the Heather" vid with my friend as Kathleen Hannah...that's kind of funny...we didn't go out partying or anything, just made a stupid video.
Sophomore year of college I was Glenn in a Misfits cover band...that was when I really started killing my voice.
Junior year I think I was "you." Which was just me wearing a robe with a mirror where my face should be. It was barely attached and broke upon entry to the party I was going to...lame.
Then I think I was in a bear with a skull mask on. It was very hot at the dance party and after I left I opened the furry suit and billows of steam poured out. It was awesome.
Next I was (sort of) Darby Crash in a germs cover band. I just acted like Darby, didn't dress like him or anything. Tried to get blood by smashing the mic into my forehead but just ended up with waffle marks on my face for a week.
Then I was Bun E. Carlos from Cheap Trick with Jon as Rick Nielson. I kept the outfit on (including real moustache, but not cigarette) for about a month.
The following year we had a party and I tried to wear a different costume for each hour...most of the costumes were just me in a semi nude state with some junk attatched to me...but early I was a techno fan with a god awful track suit on.
hmmmmm, memory fading.....hmmmmmm
I wore this velour ladies jogging suit and a Laser Tag gun and became "Nigel Vanguard," a Luke Skywalker rip off from a nonexistent Star Wars rip off movie...probably Italian.
I wore a early 70s vintage "the phantom" costume a couple of years ago...that was nice.
Being an "Alf Cluster" while having to DJ the following year was a poor decision. I had all my Alf stuffed animals and masks and puppets taped to me, and the big one was on my back and really dragged me downnnnnn. And nobody seemed to care that I had lots of Alfs all over my bod.
For a "Halloween in July Party" a couple of years ago I was a ghostbuster. Put it together from all the GB related stuff I have laying around, toy proton pack, t-shirt, "shoelace snaps," etc.
I ripped open some kind of snowman wall hanging made of a really itchy fabric and tore a hole for my face and became a snowman! I almost brought back the "xmas related outfit for halloween" this year, but didn't follow through.
Then, last year I was Garth Vader...combo of Darth Vader and Garth from Wayne's world. It didn't really work that well cuz I don't look like Garth even with blonde wig and black rim glasses...more like a Hanson brother.
For another "halloween in july" party this year I was the song "Under Pressure," which was kind of a cheat costume. I have this pair of weightlifter type pants that say "under pressure" right at belt level, so I wore that with a shirt that said "Queen plus David Bowie equals..." Like i said, a cheat.
This year I was first an Ewok, with Ben Cooper plastic mask that has been on my wall for years, and a home made shirt trying to replicate the old "put a pic of the character with name on the costume" bit. It was alright. Thank you puffy paint.
Then last night, I was Darkwing Duck, which is a character I never liked, but somehow made the costume that much more exciting....
I know I'm forgetting some, but halloween has never been too much about dressing up for me...more about the spookiness of watching a god horror movie alone and listening to Samhain and such...
Anyhow, hope you had a good one!


liz said...

you came in ur spuds mckenzie regalia to one of my parties one year. also dressed as a bear a few years before that (recall sweat-steam rising out of suit)

DJ Mike G said...

My best Halloween costume as an adult was last year's: Michael McDonald.