Thursday, August 12, 2010

Well Jesus Fuck, here we go.

hello one follower.
I quit my full time job that combined with my part time dj gigs killed most of my time and energy...maybe now I'll write some shit in here and on paper or some shit!
Drink some coffee and write!
Why did they illegalize ephedrine in Massachuesetts? Whatupwithat?
I'm listening to the JSBX "Extra Width" DBL Disc's really good. I was convinced for a couple years that this band would never be considered cool again...I guess I was wrong, and I'm lovin it...great to both hearing those old faves and drivin up to an unknown spot in eastern MA.
Welfare Records in Haverhill, Ma...highly reccommended. Thanks for Jon D. for giving me the heads up on this...pulled my normal stylee at indie record store i.e. buying against the specialty..normally this means cheap hip hop and dance in a punk it meant reasonably priced hip hop and dance in a punk store. damn you internet! (jk jk jk).
Picked up the Fearless Four single written about in my fave book of the year quite the name of the book, but I ain' t no hyperlinker).
Tapper no longer appears to be in residence at Salem Willows...almost all the videostores are closed...I hope some fellow movie weirdos picked up the vhs before any destruction happened.
Photographics in Beverly had basicly every movie I am glad I saw, and a bunch I didn't get around to checking out...fugggg....also a few that I didn't appreciate at the time>>>>not quite at the bottom of the barrel yet. SOV was not for me yet, Splatter: Archetects of Fear? I'd love to see you again. I guess I should get back on this torrent shit, eh?
When the Newbury comics opened in Peabody in 94 or 95 I would buy 7"s often on how many inserts and weird stuff came with it...I could never get enough of that Shellac "The Admiral" 7" with the photo on it and the key to all items in Todd's room. Thusly I picked up the Capitalist Casualties/MDC split 7" cuz it felt so thick....must have a zine in it or something. Actually had the JSBX jukebox 45 with the afforementioned songs jammed inside. Glad I wasn't arrested for unknowingly shoplifting...luckily I ended up with one of my new favorite records. What a boon for a 15 year old! Thief with good taste setting you up!
p.s. I've never had a goatee.


Sean Casey said...

Remember when supermarkets were also video rental places? At a Star Market (?) in N. Reading I was always eyeing a horror movie called I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE. About a kidnapping of a brain damaged person. It had blurry cover photo and all sorts of warnings on it. Ever see that one?

Danny Trashcan said...

I do remember the video departments in various grocery stores, though my family rented from a local convenience store, The Little Store, and then from a couple of local mom and pop shops. Your memory of I spit on Your Grave's box-copy is pretty funny...the mentally damaged person is one of the rapists of a woman on vacation in the wilderness. Seeing the box for this one really creeped me out/intrigued me as a pre-teen. It's a movie that everyone hated back in the day, but has achieved some revisionistic "it's a powerful feminist minimalist classic" status. I like it quite a bit, but it is very rough. Ebert's review back in the day was pretty vicious. Rape revenge movies, man, what a genre!