Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Journal entries from 2001

January 21st: Once again
My foot is cold and wet
due to a hole in my shoe and snow on the ground

I feel city
It is nice
John Davis

January 22nd: Here is this time....I'm an Idiot

January 23rd: Coddled by life,
hated by many
Is the rug geoing to be ripped out?
Is this damage the final joke?
All meaningless.

January 24th: I'm stupid.
I'm Evil.
I'm a circle.
Ignore myself,
and send flowers for best results.

January 25th: More bathroom dreams,
Mike was wearing a lie...
Definitely not Mike.

January 26th: Written the day after Amy was here
She is TOO CUTE!
and I mean that

January 27th: Dream:
Chuck E. Cheese but different
Axl Rose down a river
Roger Ebert and MK fetching a frog
Porno ----------->autobiography of a flea
we are in a movie

January 28th: Perhaps doing things of imiportance from a distance now, letters, etc.

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