Thursday, December 4, 2008

Blogs mean never having to say you're sorry...

...but I do feel some self-annoyance that I haven't been keeping up so much (in depth stylee) with this here thingamajigger. Of course I've been too busy with other shit, but more of a blockade to posting is nagging sense of "nothing to say" that weighs down of me sometimes. In fact, this feeling is the main reason that it took me so long to start Trashcanland. I certainly have large stretches when you can't get me to shut up about a thousand different things, but lately I've just been absorbing, absorbing, absorbing. Now I'm trying to get over the blog-block.

My pal Mike G does some great reviews of trash movies over at, and a recent review of Don't Panic brought some thoughts to the fore that have been simmering in me for a while. Mike is relatively favorable in his look at this Mexican horror film from the Crypt of Terror box set, but he doesn't mention the two scenes that made it such a favorite for me this year. Firstly, there's a montage of the two teen stars on a date together: They eat ice cream and hang out and get balloons. Later the boy who is the subject of all the horror gets frustrated and quarterassedly tears up his room. Now, I'm not suggesting that Mike didn't also love that stuff, but it brings to mind the fact that over the last couple of years I've become much more interested in the stuff surrounding the horror in horror movies. In the past I had to see all the Italian and Japanese gore films "with that infamous scene where....," but now what I really seek out is scenes of dancing, fake bands, shopping/date/whatever montages. I mean, I've always liked this in T&A movies, but it's crossed over into my most intense filmic interest.
I'm pretty sure that one of the reasons for this is that me and my buddy George started DJing some 80s nights which I made video projections for. The videos consisted mostly of vintage commercials, music videos and lots of these kind of scenes from obscure movies. Hunting for me of these made it so it was worth sitting through some terrible bore, just to add another slumberparty sequence to my collage tapes. Now my mind is always seeking, compiling shit in my mind. And we haven't done one of these nights in months, so what the hell am I doing?
I'm also looking out for good fashion. Just watched Jess Franco's Bloody Moon a couple of weeks ago and loved it. But when I'm thinking about it now, I get more images of that one chick's sweatshirt/miniskirt with Grace Jones on it, or the gal in the full jungle ensemble. Hey, there's also a great beheading and some exquisitely bad dialogue, but give me some hot chicks in ridiculous clothes and I'm all set.
Just seeking out that perfect world I guess.

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DJ Mike G said...

Oh, man! I loved those scenes! I just didn't put them in the review. I did mention his incredible pajamas and the great Michael Jackson and Ski jackets in Cemetery of Terror. Thanks, though, for the shouts! I guess that's the beauty of it though, that you and I can watch a film and file away different stuff in our brains and blogs. No doubt about, though, I loved both of those scenes. Or how about where he bribes the school gate operator guy with a porn mag!