Friday, December 26, 2008

jeezus christ

Alright, I've been meaning to put up a review of the Criterion DVD release of White Dog since I watched it last week. It's so great. On that day of seeing this movie after so many years of looking (without having to pay "some guy" for a questionable dub) I finished a book about the making of Videodrome, by Tim Lucas. They were made right around the same time, and I couldn't help but draw some connections between them. It's so rare that you see one movie, let alone two thatdeal with ideas (!) in such an openly metaphoric way, and these films do just that. Videodrome dealing with the merging of media with our lives (physiologicly, pychologicly and physically) and White Dog taking on the subject of indoctrinated racism. And it's the open air vibe that really makes this stuff work in movie form. There is something so great about seeing aquishy faced Kristy McNichol talking with dog trainers Burl Ives and Paul Winfield about the evil nature of racism and how it can be taught to an innocent dog. Oh, and Burl Ives plays a lovable coot who hates racists! So that's highly reccomended, but yes, I'm having trouble finding that inner write-drive. So soon, I'll be posting some older writings here. Hopefully that will get me on track.

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