Thursday, January 8, 2009

NuMetal at work

If I get to my job and there are still people here, they often have the fucking NuMetal station on the Syrius radio thing. Being subjected to this shit for more than a few minutes really fucks with my brain and makes me hate life. That's not that surprising, what is however is the scenarios that my mind conjures during the fucking ballads. Yes, numetal ballads make me think of US soldiers in Iraq seeing their recently birthed children for the first time, and their happy reuniting with their lovers and children. It gives me a queasy and bad feeling. Then when it goes right back to "hard and heavy" on the next song, I imagine those same soldiers (always men) blowing up shit in Iraq while listening to this crap. It just hurts me to think that this horrible music has been everywhere for a decade and for many, probably is the soundtrack to their war and family. When will it stop?


DJ Mike G said...

Further proof that it is the fucking devil's music. And not the cool, magical, imaginative devil of Sabbath and Maiden and Priest and so on. More like the real devil who just fucking sucks and makes life suck.

belltonesuicide said...

Or, soundtracks for abusive boyfriends.