Thursday, November 20, 2008

I can make up any excuse to celebrate!

Hey y'all,
work has been crazy and life has been crazy, so I'm a little brainfried.
So in lieu of a void, here's a little quick mention of an important birthday.
Tommorow marks the ten year anniversary of the release (in Japan) of what I consider to be the greatest videogame of all time...The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time.
I don't know what to say about the game, except that everytime I think about my time with it, it gives me the warm feeling of love. If you know me, it's saying a lot that I would toprank a game from the era when videogaming turned to shit, but this game, Mario 64 and Starfox 64 shined through the darkness. And yes, I know that I'm Nintendo biased, but I think it's smart to be loyal to a company that creates the greatest things ever...nawmean?
Quick Recap:
Donkey Kong
Kid Icarus

Probably not planning on getting/playing a Gamecube or Wii anytime soon though.


George W. Myers said...

duh, what about:
iron man off road challenge
little league baseball
super tecmo bowl

DJ Mike G said...

I'm not an expert, I don't even really play even intendo anymore but my personal list would go something like this:

Mike Tyson's Punch Out
Mario 3

Danny Trashcan said...

hey guys. weird, didn't know anyone had left any comments, good to see youz been reading the stuff. I have to configure this thing different or something.

joshua vrysen said...

serious man, if you have some time, you really should give Twilight Princess a shot...
certain aspects surpass Ocarina. I'm not saying it's a better game, but it is definitely worthwhile in the Zelda realm.