Monday, November 10, 2008

Spare Parts review 2

as I was saying....
This is where things a take a little turn for the unusual in horror movie land. Most notably there isn't that much of a conflict in getting Bill, the truck driver to believe the story of the ambulance kidnapping and kooky-innkeeper corroboration. Usually, this is the whole damn crux of the protagonist and potential savior dynamic, but here it just takes an appearance of the ambulance driver, with an excuse that does not check out, but still makes sense. Bill (played by Wolf Roth, what a name) and his trucker pals box in the ambulance, kill one of them in self defense (sort of) and throw the other in the freezer-trailer in order to get him to "talk." For you man-bush fanatics, you get some unwelcome German pubes on display when they strip the ambulance driver before throwing him in the cold. Okay, so they found out the scoop; forced organ donations, go to the "clinic" or whatever and stumble upon the "evil doctor" in charge. Before that, they stay in a motel room and develop friendship built on trust, as Bill protectively puts his arm around Monika on the bed. It's quiet moments like here in the motel room that give it a depth that you wouldn't expect to see.
Here's another nice oddity; the evil doctor seems like a normal and nice person, y'know without the evil beneath. I kinda liked that until it turned out that the nice antagonist is only stealing people cuz of blackmail....boring. Then there is a bad car chase scene, the second death of the movie (neither is horrific) and then the end. Luckily, the viewer is engaged enough with Monika and Bill to feel some suspense and investment in what's happening, even if those events fall into the TV movie kinda realm.
Okay, Monika (appealingly played by Judda Speidel) and Bill are good characters to see, The visuals of the southwest motel strips are nice to see, along with some nice sunny/hazy photography, and it's kinda offbeat.......
but really not that much to recommend it.
OH shit, wait...the 70s shmaltz theme song being performed by the kidnappee's band in the beginning: "How much does someone cost?" is hysterically bad, and I love it and I'm into the Tangerine Dreamy score...okay, that's it.

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