Thursday, January 20, 2011

Old entries found journal

Fri Jan 4th 1946
Dear Diary I did four test in school. I wonder if I got a hundred in each one.

Sat Jan 5th 1946
Dear Diary I helped my mother change the place around today. I hope I did good.

Sun Jan 6th 1946
Dear Diary I miss two masses this morning so I went to the eleven o'clock.

Mon Jan 7th
Dear Diary I got a bike today and it is a good bike. I have a basket on it.

Tuesday Jan 8th
Dear Diary I did mouthing today and I thing I am a awful bad boy.

Wed Jan 9th
Dear Diary I did a lot of work today. I hope you like it.

Thurs Jan 10th
Dare Diary I painted my bike today blue a orange.

Fri Jan 11th
Dear Diary I painted my bike bike again today and the color of it was red.

Sat Jan 12th
Dear Deary I was a bad boy and I got a licken it hurted me.

Sun Jan 13th
Dear Diary I was a bad boy today.

Mon Jan 14th
Dear Diary

[final entry]

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JesseArg! said...

new years resolutions never last