Monday, January 3, 2011

Anthro Rex Discography

After all these years I wrote out a discography....
damn that's a lot of tape.
I thought I had it all and George says "Hey, did you remember that double C90 you did?"

Anthropophagous Rex Discography
The First Two Albums C-60 BWR
"King of Avarice" on "Show and Tell Vol 2" comp on BWR
3way split live cdr with Bengeorge7 and Landmines Across America
I Like Fun/I am Particled Density CDR on BWR
Contra 4: The Discs of Hollywood 2xC-90
The Erotic Rites of Anthropophagous Rex CDR on BWR
Gothsluts, Jeep Beats and Jeff Foxworthy CDR on BWR
For the Girls C-60
"under the veil of wilderness" on Gilded Throne comp
HM/M/HM C-30
(as DJ Cashman) Mad Monster Maze C-?
Wart Life (live) C-?
Goth Booty Vol 2 C-30
"Gimme Some Cocaine" on comp
Cruisin for Alchemy C-60
(as DJ Cashman) Duo Dimension split with Snackattack
split C-20 with Syn-Toffs on Shorty
Justified and Ancient all covers tape C-30
HM (partial reissue) CDR
Nice Buns/Awesome Graphics C-46 on Ormlycka
(as DJ Cashman) Duo Dimension Dos split CDR with Snackattack
60 minutes of solid gold c-60
Don't Mess Me Up CDR


Anonymous said...

Is there any way to get a hold of any of that? I had I like Fun and Gothsluts at one time and would sure like to find more.

Ben said...
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