Thursday, January 20, 2011

And that's where I picked up...

Jan 15th 2001
Insignifigent dreams.
George went away.
I am not satisfied.
Explosions are important to me.
I need to grind.
I've been a good boy
too good.

Jan 16th 2001
Trying to minimize hatred in traffic...
what hate people when I can just igore it
hate and hypocrite

Jan 17th 2001
Money problems are ridiculous
so are completist issues
Fucking, get off it, Dan!

Jan 18th 2001
A smell like musty nothing
else kept creeping in

Jan 19th 2001
I wanted to watch cartoons forever today.
sometimes it's all I need.

Jan 20th
I ran for the orange line
It wasn't there yet
there were some chicken bones strewn about
train came soon enough
it smells really awful in here
like vinegar.

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