Thursday, November 25, 2010

Another dream from last night.

had a dream last night that me and a friend were in this sex fantasy wonderland/videostore. But we never saw the videostore, that was just the sign outside. And I had sex with a sex robot in a gazebo? But that sex is theoretical and doesn't seem to contain any details. And me and my friend (who I have had sex with in real life) were walking in this wonderland which was a oceanside cliff with all these people walking around, deciding if they want to hook up with each other. My friend grabs some other dude for us to have sex with, and I'm all "ehhhhhh, don't think so." So we run away. Up the cliffside comes this bully in a bouffant. We have bikes now, and he starts to push us around to show off for his friends who are at the ocean at a dock. Because I fear he will push us off and kill us, I take the lead and push him off, probably killing him. My friend gets mad at me, and then we hear the voice of Wanda Sykes starts chewing me out.

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