Thursday, November 25, 2010

olden dayz

Aug 2, 2008

what's the point in saying "what if?" but i wonder how things would been for me growing up if i drank cocacola or some form of caffinated bev. cuz i never did. i hated carbonated shit as a kid and didn't inbibe anything like it until i got hooked on the dew in my early 20s. of course that got out of hand and i had to give it up cold turkey, but coffee soon filled the void. and i'm still all about the big C. i even have a can of coke every now and again. so, as a kid i exercised as little as possible, so really the only zing i ever had was mental zing. and that was still usually rather focused and not so hyperactive. if i drank coke like every other kid i knew, would i have been more of a spazz and therefore not been a boring, sullen blob for the first 18 years of my life? (i stopped being so sullen when i got to college and made some friends). caffiene has been the main thing to put the zip in my hips for almost 10 years now? applying that notion to my childhood is really fascinating...caffinated kids...what a good idea.

in other news, it's friday night round midnight and i am alone at the hummus factory. i feel hugely disconnected with the outside world, though i will be spinning tommorow at the 11's tommorow and i'm pretty psyched on that. also will finish "thrashin'" when i get home, which i've never seen before, but love based on the first 30mins. only $3 bux at big lots! bought a 40 of miller high life based on mike's reccomendation (under two bux) and i'm ready to drink it with josh brolin and whole fuck load of other thrashers. then on to the Dead Pit, which i just picked up today....i love you Code Red DVD.
me, ben and george performed in baltimore and i had a good time. was rather proud of the mix i made for our dance performance. the dancing lasted 25 was intense. the only evidence i can find of us being there is a a really bad review in the city paper:
"The nadir of the night was the next act, Ben Heresey, which were three guys who ran onstage chanting "C&C Music Factory" and proceeded to perform silly interpretive dance routines to an ironic backdrop of cheese-ball pop music while dressed in ridiculous outfits. At one point, two of the men wore ALF masks while shooting suction-cup arrows at the other one, who was wearing an Incredible Hulk costume, while "Easy Lover" and "What Is Love" played i n the background. They occasionally pulled a gag that was hard not to chuckle at, but overall it was the kind of smirky meta bullshit that occasionally makes the whole Wham City attitude pretty unbearable. They could've just taken off their clothes and rolled around in their own feces onstage and accomplished pretty much the same thing, but then they wouldn't have gotten to show off their knowledge of campy 1980s pop."

well, our friends in the audience seeemed to like it. and also, it's funny cuz we have no connection with wham city at all, and i don't think we really have the same kind of vibe as them, but how is the city paper to know that. and we were yelling "western mass dance factory." it was awesome to hang out with amy harmon and dave again. on their turf no less.
i go to great barrington on sunday to hang out with madeline and i'm pretty psyched. i've always wanted to go to great barrington. seems like there are all kinds of jokes i could make about that place once i've been there. in the past i've made "humorous references" to hanging out at the birthplace of w.e.b. dubois, but now it can be just fact.
i played at the elevens on monday. that was weird.
see ya.

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