Thursday, November 25, 2010

Starting to put some of my old Myspace blog on here

Apr 20, 2009
twitter fame/facebook dread

hey, part 1 is that it was funny and weird that jimmy fallon was at our dance night on saturday. he seemed nice and liked us and took our picture. he twittered about it, with our picture. i don't have a twitter acount, but i saw it and so did almost 14,000 other people. it is really funny and weird. just this anonymous pic of me and geo (looking really mad) behind the decks.
part 2 is that since i hear an endless stream of "you should be on facebook!) all day, I wanted to ask you folks if there is anything about facebook that is having besides "everyone is on it now." I was totally ready to go down with the myspace ship and not do social networking ever again, but now that i'm single again...i don't know...but no one can give me a good reason to besides the arbitrary "we are on this new site now!" thing. any thoughts?
list of things i don't have:
credit card
facebook acct.

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