Thursday, November 25, 2010

Problems with words

I've been having a problem finding value in my own words lately. I was psyched to start transcribing a lot of old movie reviews I wrote years ago, that I found in my attic. Unfortunately, they didn't really seem any good. Then I found an old journal from 10 years ago which had a lot of odd little entries. But.......who cares right?
Well, I'm forcing myself to write something. My family took me on a cruise 2 weeks ago. My old lifestyle caught up with me and a rotted tooth went into "shut Dan down" mode, and I was unable to have fun/drink/zone out for most of the trip. So I'm just gonna make a quick little record of things I did/saw/had happen to me while on this toothdecay trip.
Before departure, I took a long walk in Fort Lauderdale. Passing a rock with Sade playing out of it at our hotel, I felt kind of at home. Then after passing the Sade-rock, I put on my headphones and listened to Coletrane's Ascension. Then I felt alien.
On the ship I saw a couple almost Hi-top fades on some middle aged black men, it made me feel really happy and at home.
I sang kareoke as much as I could. The book, which had lots of typo's listed "The Message" under "Grandmother Flash." No joke.
No "Strokin" on this kareoke unfortunately, so I was building up to "Unwritten" by Natasha B. I do a pretty intense version of that.
So I filled the time doing all the old rap hits...this led to lots of people giving me high fives and votes of confidence along the lines of "Nice job with Mama Said Knock You Out last night!" As I walked this deck of 3000 strangers.
But the height was a little white old southern lady asking me: "Are you a professional rapppperrrrr?" I told her that I definitely was not.
The dance club on the ship had some of the most hilarious decor I've ever seen. Giant white hands and feet sticking out of the floor with bad Ed Hardy-esque tattoos. They were really huge limbs, and the white reflected all the light so it was bright, bright, bright in there. And I really would hate to be a DJ stuck doing top 40 now...cuz apparently even people who like things like top 40 now, don't seem to like anything but 2 or 3 songs.
So then I read lots of Conan stories (barbarian literature) and an old issue of Cinemafantasique from 1988, and listened to lots of Loren Mazzacane Connors.
Listened to the complete "Bitches Brew" sessions while watching Pandas play on the TV.
The kareoke boss asked me to sing as James Brown in the show at the end of the cruise. I politely declined. Ha, Soul Brother number 1? More like honorary soul guy number 108,597.
But man, my tooth was killing's gone now though!

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