Thursday, November 25, 2010

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Sep 23, 2008

just had a thought.

i have a lot of passionate interests, and i have friends that i can chew the fat with on these topics and for that i'm lucky. i take a lot of stuff seriously and i have pals and compatriots that often take these things as seriously, or more seriously than i do....y'know, fucked up movies, old hip hop, noise music, 'performance', comic books, old video games, and on and on.

but i just realized that i don't think i have any friends who have a real passion for classic animation like i do. y'know, like where it makes total sense to go frame by frame while watching bob clampett shorts or studying the background techniques of those hb dudes. i guess i owe a lot to and for really pushing me...but i've always been into this stuff...are there any lurkers out there i can talk shop with?

p.s. i'm not an animator, or a real cartoonist.

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