Thursday, November 25, 2010

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Sep 13, 2008
things to ban

or if not to ban them, require all communication to done entirely youtube comment syle.
"ur hott" "LAME" "FAKE"
funny, cuz my mom used to always try and get me and my sister and dad to stop wisecracking and being mean jabbers by saying "none of your comments."
or "i've had enough of your comments."
now, i don't like comments.
basement was back to glory last tues, thank gawddd, had a good time with dooley.afterwards was too drunk to drive home, so i went to dunkin donuts and sat amongst the goths as i drank some coffee and fingered a blueberry muffin.
watched a dvd of survival research laboratory vids (some of which i hadn't seen previously!) and actually had nightmares stemming from it.
the whole of 145 south st were planning to kill a family in another house by way of burning it down...don't know why, but we were doing it. i remember creeping around the house and maybe checking out the little kids' room and maybe starting to see the fire. i remember seeing some of my housemates getting ready for the big blaze. at a certain point i realized that the big fireball was coming (explosive?) and that i would be burnt to a crisp. i just held my breath and closed my eyes and remembered taht fatal burn victims supposedly feel euphoria as their nerve endings fry.
i survive however and feeling guilty (about killing the family/burning house) i stumble outside and my clothes are smoking and i'm half burnt ala twoface. i wander around some city, kinda like new brunswick nj, my skin smoking. i find donny in some apartment with some girl and i want to ask to stay over, but then i wander some more. end of dream. fugged up.

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